Creative Responses to Sustainability
Cultural Initiatives Engaging with Social and Environmental Issues.
Spanish Guide

Spain Guide 1st Edition, 2019
Published by: Asia-Europe Foundation (ASEF)
31 Heng Mui Keng Terrace
Singapore 119595

Series Editor: Valentina RICCARDI (ASEF)
Researcher: Claire WILSON

ISBN: 9789811431456

The Spain Green Guide features a Directory of 25 arts organisations and initiatives located on Spain’s diverse territory, from small and big cities to rural and coastal areas. All selected organisations place environment at the core of their practice and are open to international collaborations.

Among the trends observed, the concern for biodiversity preservation and new sustainable approaches inspired by the observation of nature’s patterns; the re-discovery of traditional ways of working with the land, especially in rural areas; the growing concern around waste especially where it relates to the over-production and consumption of plastic; and, sustainable tourism as the way forward especially for coastal, over-visited areas in the country. Like the previous guide on Portugal, this guide also features an interactive map of the country with links to listed organisations so as to facilitate connections with the local operators.

Escrito por:Imago Bubo · Rural Colectivo

Colectivo de artistas rurales afincados en el norte de Extremadura que trabajan a través de los medios audiovisuales.